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Caricature’s (Round Two)

Got the opportunity to create some more designs recently. Some have been for individual people wanting a rendition of themselves, others have been for businesses such as the recently opened club, Impala, in Auckland CBD. Check them out, I have been helping to promote them recently, and even painted some of the interior.



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New Mass Effect Book Series Will Connect Original Trilogy to Andromeda

It looks like a lot of us will be waiting longer than we expected, in regards to Mass Effect Andromeda. It is currently scheduled for a Q1 2017 release, but with so little of the game showed off at E3 2016, fans are worried they may have to wait longer.

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OUG Talks Ep 20 – E3 Special


This Week I starred on the OUG Talks podcast. This is a conversational podcast where we talk about games, media or whatever else pops into our heads. This week however we had a super special E3 edition, where we covered basically every game displayed at the conferences. Be warned we had some issues and so my end sounds particularly bad, but I will be getting a new microphone soon, so hopefully you’ll see an improvement in quality.

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The Game Development Process (Infographic)

For my design class I was tasked with creating an infographic for a magazine. I decided to create one around the process of game production. Within this design I discuss a simplified version of said process but hopefully you find it of interest none the less.

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