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Watch Dogs 2 will not Feature Ubisoft’s Trademark Tower Unlock System

Creative director Jonathan Morin, when speaking to Eurogamer, confirmed that Watch Dogs 2 will not feature the trademark Ubisoft system for unlocking new areas in their open world games.

We’ve seen various iterations of this system in Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and the original Watchdogs. However instead of reaching the top of a tower or vantage point to unlock new areas and activities the map will encourage exploration.

Players will be able to freely traverse and discover new areas, while activities and side quests will be unlocked through the recruitment and maintenance of new DedSec activists.

It seems Watch Dogs 2 is looking to improve many of the issues gamers had with its predecessor. The movement system is noticeably more fluid, hacking is seemingly more open ended and now we can see that Ubisoft is looking to break away from aspects of their tried and true formula.

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