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How Narrative has Evolved in Video Games – A History of Naughty Dog



Narrative is one of the central catalysts to creating entertaining and emotionally captivating media. Films such as inception left us reeling, with complex ideas on consciousness and the implications of tampering with an individual’s memories. While what some call, the golden age of television, has brought forth gritty drama’s that lead us to empathise with drug dealers (Breaking Bad), fear other people more than flesh eating virus’s (The Walking Dead), and question who’s death is most imminent (Game of Thrones). Both film and television have adapted and evolved the ways that they tell stories over the last 20 years. Yet there is one medium that has seen far more narrative growth than any other. Video Games.

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Evolve Goes Free to Play

Evolve launched in the first quarter of 2015, to so so reviews and poor player retention. Despite stunning graphics and a unique hook the game just didn’t stick. Some blamed the complicated learning curve for new players, others the intense reliability on coordination between team mates, while many grew annoyed with the over priced DLC.

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