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Death Stranding Teaser Will be in Final Game

Although fans were delighted by the return of the fabled Hideo Kojima at Sony’s 2016 E3 conference, many were left scratching their heads over what his next project actually was.

We received more than expected at E3, with a cinematic trailer officially announcing his next game, Death Stranding. The game featured a distraught and nude Norman Reedus clutching at a disappearing baby, sporting umbilical cord scarring and staring ominously at a polluted whale graveyard.

Some called it a confusing mess. Others praised the artful manner that they believed Kojima’s own legacy with Konami was being symbolically depicted. Many agreed that it was unlikely that this teaser was indicative to what the final title would be.

However today, during his San Diego Comic-Con talk, Kojima revealed his E3 snippet will appear in the final game. During the talk he also mentioned that, Ludens, the Kojima productions mascot, will not feature in his next upcoming title.

Death Stranding is a Playstation 4 console exclusive, and although it’s unlikely we will see it anytime soon, we can still wait with eagerness.

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