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No Mans Sky’s Pathfinder Update

After the train wreck that was the launch of No Mans Sky, Developer Hello Games has quietly attempted to improve the product they launched.

The developer has released several patches over the last few months, one of which added base building, and now are releasing what is known as the Path Finder update. The patche’s details can be viewed on Hello Games website. The most interesting edition to the game are Exocraft. Exocraft are vehicles that can be used to traverse the planets you once gradually explored. These land based vehicles include the Nomad, a small hovercraft, the Roamer, a buggy like vehicle and the cargo carrying Colossus. These vehicles are unlocked through several missions the player is given after hiring a technician at their planetary base. Players can also create time trials for other players to master in their own Exocraft. These Exocraft can also be upgraded with speed and durability enhancements.

Aside from Exocrafts, numerous other features have been added. There are now 40 new base-building parts, including new materials and furnishings. Your bases can now also be shared and explored by people online. You can now own multiple ships and acquire new ship specialisations such as Shuttle, Fighter, Hauler, and Science. The multi tools are now separated into classes which include pistol, rifle, experimental, and alien options. Three new weapons can also be installed into multi-tools. The Scatter Blaster, Pulse Spitter, and the Blaze Javelin, while the Cyclotron Ballista, Positron Ejector, or Infra-Knife Accelerator can be added to ships. A higher difficulty mode than survival has also been crafted. The Permadeath run will push players to reach the centre of the universe in a single life time.

Finally a dedicated photo mode and PS4 Pro support has been added to show off the beauty of this 2016 indi. Within the photo mode players can view their ship from a first or third person perspective, or change the weather and time of day to suit your image. No Mans Sky released in August of 2016 to poor reviews. It’s questionable whether the game will ever be able to meet players expectations, even with continued support. For everything on No Mans Sky, stay tuned to

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