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Goombastomp’s 2017 Game of the Year List

Recently we assisted Goombastomp in crafting their 2017 Game of the Year list. We didn’t agree with all their choices, but had the chance to highlight one of the most surprising games of 2017. Here is what we thought of Wolfenstein 2 and why it made it onto this list.

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In my final year of high school I had the privilege of running Preserved with Cassandra Fellows and Kendall Bishop. Preserved aimed to help teach children about the importance of the written word and environmental issues.

We created lesson plans, plays and began development on an app. It was also through preserved that I self published my first children’s book, This Is My Home.

Sadly Preserved isn’t around anymore, as we all moved on to bigger and better things. But it was a hell of an experience.

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