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This is My Home (My First Children’s Book)

I’ve worked many jobs in just a handful of years.

I’ve worked in video game stores and clothing stores. I’ve worked in a public relations firm and in construction, and realized that neither of those jobs were for me. I’ve done promotional work for night clubs, airlines and VR headsets. I’ve even graded english and maths papers.

But I’ve always known that my true calling, was to be a creator. I just didn’t know what form my work would take. I’ve tried my hand at creating many things. I’ve written and illustrated comics, children’s books and fantasy horror novels (all unpublished of course). I’ve helped other creators share their stories, by acting in plays, working on independent film sets, selling graphic designs, and putting together advertisements. I tried to start up a business that sold soft toys and ran a fairly successful YouTube comedy channel for several years.

But my greatest achievement to date, was self publishing my first children’s book. It has been 3 and half years since I wrote, illustrated and released, “This is My Home.” A book about several little animals giving their human neighbors a taste of their own medicine.

I’m incredibly proud of that book, and i’m looking forward to seeing what the Quiet Stories team and I will create next.

Lead Writer for Quiet Stories

Chris Bowring

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