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Video Game Abominations Launches on Kickstarter

Quiet Stories is proud to announce our first major project, Video Game Abominations!

“What if there was a book filled with all your favorite video game characters… but then someone decided to take the piss out of them?”

Well there is, and this is it. Video Game Abominations takes all the characters you know, and then lovingly mocks them. This book is written and illustrated by gamers, for gamers. The book will be on sale for only 1 month (April 11th – May 10th), exclusively on Kickstarter. Once it’s gone it’s gone, you’ll never be able to buy another copy.

Kickstarter is a great platform for small businesses to share their ideas with the public. You donate an amount of your choice, and will receive awards (like this book) as a result. We understand people are now cautious of Kickstarter, but we’ve kept that in mind. The extracts you see are exactly what you’ll get, and you’ll receive them in a relatively short amount of time.

By launching exclusively through Kickstarter, the people who want the book can grab it, and we don’t have to send copies to live their lives on a lonely book store shelf. We can also include you guys in the process; whether it be through signed copies, dedications to fans or having a say in what characters YOU want in the book.

So if you’re a fan of games, and like having a good laugh, Video Game Abominations is for you.

Kickstarter Link –


The Maario

  • Scientific Name: Mariozeplumbersaurus
  • Average Height: 5 ft 1 inch
  • Average Lifespan: 33 Years
  • Diet: Mushrooms
  • Habitat: Kingdom of Shrooms
  • Species: Humanoid

Description: The Maario may seem human at first glance, but be warned. Despite being the national animal of The United States of Nentendo of America, this is a highly dangerous species. They reside deep underground in a tunnel network built from green pipes. When they do choose to emerge, they hunt down women (of a princess like beauty) whom they then take down into their tunnel networks and use to breed more of their species. Maarios are only able to produce male offspring. 

While on these ‘hunts’ they will carelessly crush smaller animals by jumping on their skulls. It is highly recommended that you avoid the Maario, as it is believed that they may possess some type of psychic ability. Many courageous heroes have fought against these creatures, only to be overwhelmed by nostalgia, in turn giving the creature a free pass to continue on as it pleases. It is said that this ability allows each Maario to live for several generations.


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