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A Way Out, Mulaka and Working Together To Grow the Industry: Fist Fight Finale

Episode 7 of Fist Fight will (for now) be the last. Now that Quiet Stories is transitioning into game development we just don’t have the time to continue this great series. For this final episode Nick stands in for Casey to discuss A Way Out and Chris interviews one of the developers behind Mulaka.

If you’re looking for experiences similar to this one, I recommend…

  1. The AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook – A podcast where developers of note interview one another.
  2. Versus – A debate focused video series by Gamespot.
  3. The Noclip Podcast – An audio show produced by Danny O’Dwyer’s documentary company.
  4. The Game Maker Podcast – A podcast dedicated to interviewing lesser known developers who work with Game Maker Studio.
  5. The Giant Bombcast – The best podcast in the industry for informative and well thought through discussions about the latest video games.
  6. Kinda Funny Games Daily – A podcast/ video series that covers the latest video game news, every week day.



Check this week’s episode out on Goombastomp, iTunes, Soundcloud or just watch it right here…

Intro – 00:00

A Way Out Discussion – 02:50

Mulaka Interview – 38:35

The End For Now – 1:04:29



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