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My Experience with Kickstarter



Earlier this year I decided to investigate the difficulties and realities of marketing and launching a video game related product. The aim of this experiment was to see if it is possible to find success without the backing of a large company in the video game industry.

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The Strongest of Us Suffer Quietly: Tales from Telltale

Telltale Games’ shutdown has been heartbreaking to watch unfold, and not just because so many incredibly talented people are now out of a job, but because the work those developers created meant so much to me. Telltale’s games have impacted my career, my life and how I view the medium of video games. Some of Goombastomp’s writers and I got together to discuss some of our fondest memories with their work. Here’s what I had to say.

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What Games Would the Writer’s of Goombastomp Like to Make?

‘The People of Goomba Stomp,’ is an ongoing series where Goombastomp’s team comes together to discuss a broad or controversial topic and provide multiple unique perspectives. Maybe we’ll make our case for our individual Game of the Show’s from E3, or debate which console has the best exclusives. It’s also a way for you to learn a little more about the individual members of the team. This month several members of Goomba Stomp joined me in pitching what type of game they’d develop if they got the chance, and provided a bit of a background around what their role is on the site.”

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