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What Games Would the Writer’s of Goombastomp Like to Make?

‘The People of Goomba Stomp,’ is an ongoing series where Goombastomp’s team comes together to discuss a broad or controversial topic and provide multiple unique perspectives. Maybe we’ll make our case for our individual Game of the Show’s from E3, or debate which console has the best exclusives. It’s also a way for you to learn a little more about the individual members of the team. This month several members of Goomba Stomp joined me in pitching what type of game they’d develop if they got the chance, and provided a bit of a background around what their role is on the site.”

Here’s what I had to say when I posted this article back in June. I still write occasionally for Goombastomp but now focus most of my time on development for Quiet Stories first (and announced) game. To see what everyone else had to say, click here for the full article.

“I started producing content about video games around 5 years ago and had been working as a freelance games journalist for websites for a about a year and a half before joining the Goombastomp team in mid-2017. I’ve predominantly been a feature writer for the site, producing articles about how video games can help you deal with breaks ups, be a form of meditation or embrace sexuality. I also hosted the debate focused ‘Fist Fight’ podcast, where I interviewed indie developers on the creative process of development. I was inspired to produce this first topic because of a series I produced, where I researched and demonstrated how someone with no experience could make a video game on their own. The game I attempted to produce was a 2D platformer, with gameplay inspired by; Super Mario Bros., Super Meat Boy and Braid, an art style inspired by The Unfinished Swan and the artist Psychic Pebbles, and a story revolving around how video games turn people violent.

So with this in mind, I asked the Goomba Stomp team what type of game they would make, if given the opportunity. What would the mechanics be, what type of genre, what story would fit around it and where would their inspiration come from?” 

Click here to read on.

The Unfinished Swan_20160316145620

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