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The Non-Game Awards: 2018

We like to have fun at Quiet Stories, and spread love to other creators that inspire us. So although no one asked for it, and we are totally unqualified to offer any awards, these are all the non-gaming media that we loved in 2018.


TV Show of the Year: Castle Rock

There were a few stand outs this year. Modern Family came back with another fantastic season as usual, American Vandal proved it wasn’t just a one hit wonder and Wellington Paranormal debuted and became our absolute favorite comedy of the year.

However at then end of the day, the phenomenal Castle Rock won us over. We haven’t seen a show so twist filled, mysterious and chilling since Breaking Bad. Every episode provides more questions than the last, while expertly setting up the Stephen King cinematic universe.

Best YouTube Series: The Mind of Jake Paul

YouTube has changed drastically over the years, from both a design and creator perspective. So with the rise of the infamous Paul’s it was intriguing to see one of YouTube’s oldest creators, Shane Dawson, delve into the life style and mind set of the platforms controversial, current representatives.


Best Song: When the Party’s Over

2018 had some absolute bangers! But nothing was quite as moving as the expressive, light tones and haunting lyrics of Billie Eilish’s When the Party’s Over. Hard to believe she is only 16.


Best Podcast: The Giant Bombcast

So although our winner is video game related, that doesn’t mean we only recognized content from this industry, although we do have a little bit of bias… The Giant Bombcast takes the win for staying strong after over a decade of content, but also continuing to refine their products while keeping an honest tone. Other shout outs go to the likes of Kinda Funny Games Daily, which introduced a horde of new personalities to the roster in 2018 and Podcast Beyond which brought on a new host in Jonathan Dornbush, who is bringing back the old school vibes of Beyond in his own modern way.


Best Comic/ Book: Legends of the Flame

We aren’t massive fans of the Dark Souls


games, but the comic series, Legends of the

Flame fully takes advantage of the series

desolated worlds. Each issue telling a short

but tragic tale of a lonely soul in an endless hell.

And yes we know this didn’t release in

2018… but whatever… that’s when we read






Best Film: A Quiet Place

We had a tough time with this one. There were so many great films released in 2018; from Tag, to Searching, Bird Box, Overlord, Halloween (2018), and Game Night. However at the end of the day, we had to give it to A Quiet Place. A very familiar horror film, but also unique enough to stand all on it’s own and bring us to tears at the end.


We also contributed to the voting of Goomba Stomp’s film of the year list, so make sure to check that out too.

Goombastomp’s Film of the Year.

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