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Why I’m Now Sold on VR

For me, video games are both my favorite past time and my future career. It is a medium that I feel I connect with both as a consumer and a creator. So I want to play the latest and greatest both to have fun and to learn what techniques other developers are utilizing. Because of all this I often end up being an early adopter.

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Disappointing Sequels: Red Dead Redemption 2

This was a really interesting piece to write. I took part in one of Goombastomp’s group articles, an opinion piece about sequels that have disappointed us. I was about 25 hours into Red Dead 2 at this point and was relatively harsh. However since then I’ve finished the game and it’s epilogue, and well, my opinion has changed somewhat.

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Apocalypse Boy: Short Story

Jacob grey

July 15th 2010

I dreamed of a burning world. The flames of suffering licked at humanity’s heart. Billions of lives extinguished in a millisecond never to return.  Showering the world in an eternal blanket of ashes, leaving only the memory of life. Images flashed before my eyes, too fast for my mind to grasp any meaning from. Then nothing…… blackness engulfed me.

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