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About Quiet Stories

“Quiet Stories was founded in DecemberĀ of 2017, with the sole intention of creating a place where the quieter voices of society could be heard.”

Chris Bowring


Chris Bowring founded Quiet StoriesĀ after several years of struggling with Mental Illness. He grew up thinking he was going to be a film maker or writer, studied Advertising and Communications at Auckland University of Technology, and spent several years working as a freelance games journalist.

However when he developed severe mental health issues, he was forced to drop out of university, lost a 3 year scholarship and was fired from his job. He struggled to rebuild his life for some time, and often found that options for recovery were limited and ineffective.

Quiet Stories was a way to combat his personal demons, and embrace his passion for video games and writing. Every week you’ll find new content on

We’ll provide thought provoking pieces about video games and the industry that makes them, a monthly video game book club, breakdowns of societal issues and updates on our ongoing efforts to tell unique stories through games of our own. You can also find us on Instagram (@Hashbrownaddict) where we post about video game related statues, replicas and collectibles.

Some of our stuff will be funny, a way to relax and unwind. Some of our stuff will be thought provoking and informative. Some of our stuff will be brutally real, tackle hard issues and push you to think about others differently. We hope we can create something for everyone, and help grow the quieter voices in our communities.