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About Quiet Stories

The What


We are a New Zealand based company that produces narrative driven video games.

And The Why


Life isn’t easy. It’s hard

For some of us it’s hard to make friends and connect. 

For some of us it’s hard to overcome our injuries; whether they be physical, emotional or mental.

For some of us it’s hard to find a reason just to stay alive. 

I believe games have the power to make the hard things easier. They help us escape, connect and distract ourselves from our own personal struggles. They can make the hard parts easier. They can help us understand one another.

Quiet Stories was founded in December of 2017, with the sole intention of creating a place where the quieter voices of society could be heard.

I started this company to tell stories that give others a reason to fight on. I started it to give myself a reason to get up every morning. I started it to help put New Zealand on the video game map.

I did NOT start it because it was going to be easy…

I started Quiet Stories because it was going to be rewarding, because I thought it might help people… myself included.

Chris Bowring