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My Experience with Kickstarter



Earlier this year I decided to investigate the difficulties and realities of marketing and launching a video game related product. The aim of this experiment was to see if it is possible to find success without the backing of a large company in the video game industry.

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Video Game Abominations… Isn’t Happening

Today I must announce the sad news that Video Game Abominations will not be releasing. Video Game Abominations was a satirical encyclopedia filled with all your favorite video game characters. Written and illustrated by myself (Chris Bowring), this was to be Quiet Stories first official book. We launched on Kickstarter in April, with a goal of $15,200 NZD, and as of today, funding ended with $1882 NZD raised (12% of our goal).

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In my final year of high school I had the privilege of running Preserved with Cassandra Fellows and Kendall Bishop. Preserved aimed to help teach children about the importance of the written word and environmental issues.

We created lesson plans, plays and began development on an app. It was also through preserved that I self published my first children’s book, This Is My Home.

Sadly Preserved isn’t around anymore, as we all moved on to bigger and better things. But it was a hell of an experience.

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