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Video Game Abominations… Isn’t Happening

Today I must announce the sad news that Video Game Abominations will not be releasing. Video Game Abominations was a satirical encyclopedia filled with all your favorite video game characters. Written and illustrated by myself (Chris Bowring), this was to be Quiet Stories first official book. We launched on Kickstarter in April, with a goal of $15,200 NZD, and as of today, funding ended with $1882 NZD raised (12% of our goal).

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Caricature’s (Round Two)

Got the opportunity to create some more designs recently. Some have been for individual people wanting a rendition of themselves, others have been for businesses such as the recently opened club, Impala, in Auckland CBD. Check them out, I have been helping to promote them recently, and even painted some of the interior.



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The Game Development Process (Infographic)

For my design class I was tasked with creating an infographic for a magazine. I decided to create one around the process of game production. Within this design I discuss a simplified version of said process but hopefully you find it of interest none the less.

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