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Goombastomp’s 2018 Game of the Year Contenders (Mid-Year)

Last week we announced Quiet Stories well overdue 2017 Game of the Year list. This week in collaboration with Goombastomp we’re sharing the best games of 2018 so far, the contenders for this years Game of the Year title. Click here to check out the full list.

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10 Games That Deserved Game of the Year… Over Breath of the Wild

Why the hell would anyone release a 2017 ‘Game of the Year’ list… in June 2018? Not only is everyone done with last year, but people are already discussing game of the year contenders for 2018. Well we here at Quiet Stories never got round to it, and we actually have a unique set of choices.

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Quiet Stories’ Video Game Book Club: June 2018

This is the first official edition of the Quiet Stories’ Book Club, a monthly series where we challenge you to beat at least one of the games on our list. We’ll have expansive and time consuming games, for gamers on a limited budget. We’ll have smaller, more digestible titles, for gamers with little spare time. We’ll showcase a variety of genres and platforms. We’ll recommend the newest, most talked about games, and some older titles that you probably heard about but didn’t give the time of day to. The point is, we’ll have something to cater to everyone’s needs. Hopefully you’ll end up trying something new or discover a hidden gem.

For our first month, what’s old is new. Here are 8 older games we recommend you pick up from a bargain bin and try out.

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Video Game Abominations… Isn’t Happening

Today I must announce the sad news that Video Game Abominations will not be releasing. Video Game Abominations was a satirical encyclopedia filled with all your favorite video game characters. Written and illustrated by myself (Chris Bowring), this was to be Quiet Stories first official book. We launched on Kickstarter in April, with a goal of $15,200 NZD, and as of today, funding ended with $1882 NZD raised (12% of our goal).

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