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What Games Would the Writer’s of Goombastomp Like to Make?

‘The People of Goomba Stomp,’ is an ongoing series where Goombastomp’s team comes together to discuss a broad or controversial topic and provide multiple unique perspectives. Maybe we’ll make our case for our individual Game of the Show’s from E3, or debate which console has the best exclusives. It’s also a way for you to learn a little more about the individual members of the team. This month several members of Goomba Stomp joined me in pitching what type of game they’d develop if they got the chance, and provided a bit of a background around what their role is on the site.”

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Can you make a video game with no experience: Pt. 5 – It isn’t easy creating a masterpiece

This report outlines the research, developed work and learning that came from investigating whether someone with no experience in game development, could make their own game. This also serves as the fifth and final part of an ongoing series which you can find on the Quiet Stories Blog. Along this journey I had no mentors or assistance, I merely learned from the teachings of academic and industry professionals, who have shared their knowledge online. I didn’t meet the high expectations I set myself, but learned an enormous amount.

Chris Bowring

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Quiet Stories’ Smash Bros. Ultimate Dream Roster

A little while back we collaborated with Goomba Stomp in the creation of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate wish list. We argued that the Coon from South Park would be a hilarious and fitting addition to the roster. However we’ve got a few other recommendations for characters we’d love to see join the franchise at some point.

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New Zealand’s Small, But Growing, Game Development Scene

“The secret to successful teamwork is love. No, really. Now, by this, I don’t mean that if the team hold hands and sings “Kumbaya,” you are going to make a great game. I don’t even mean that you have to like the other people on the team, although it wouldn’t hurt. What I mean is that you have to love the game you are making. For if everyone on the team has a deep and true love for the game they are making together and for the audience they are making it for, all differences and disagreements will be set aside in service of bringing the game into existence and making it be as wonderful as it can possibly be.”

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